About Us

Company History

Canada Garlic Importing Inc. is the largest garlic grower, importer, packer, distributor and processor of garlic in Canada. We are also the largest marketers of fresh ginger and snow peas. All products are distributed throughout Canada.

Our expertise assures our customers superior quality, reliability and a wide range of choices to fit your every need.? At our facilities in Mississauga, Ontario, we use state-of-the-art technology in the processing, packing and shipping of our fresh and specialty garlic products. We offer fresh garlic all year-round in a variety of pack sizes including 10 kg cartons, 30 lb cartons, 1 kg net bags, 3 count and 5 count net bags. We customize our packaging to fit our customers' needs.

Specialty retail jarred products include puree garlic, chopped garlic, puree ginger, puree jalapeno, puree onion, garlic spray and garlic dressing.

For food service we offer peeled garlic in different sized jars and plastic bags. Availability of large packs of chopped garlic in jars and pails, garlic spread and ginger puree is also available for foodservice.

Commitment to quality and service is the backbone of our business. We work closely with our customers to meet their needs, from developing new package styles and sizes to developing new products, to providing private labels. This service and customization has contributed to Canada Garlic Importing Inc's many years of great success and growth.


John Wang, is the founder and president of Canada Garlic Importing Inc. John has been in the fresh produce business for the last 20 years. He is also a graduate from the University of Agricultural Sciences at Henan Agriculture University, master degree in agriculture.

His long-term goals of continuous success, dedication and excellent customer relations has made him the leading marketer and distributor of bulk garlic, ginger, fruit and Asian vegetables in Canada.


We distribute our products in all over Canada. Ontario is our home province and we also market and distribute our products in Quebec, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg and Edmonton, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.